Premium Butter Cake

If you’re a fan of that old robust flavour of a simple cake done right, this is the cake for you. Our PREMIUM BUTTER cake base only has butter to flavour it. But does it require anything else? It’s because we use the finest Danish butter that this cake shines. Thick and heavy, and exactly how it’s meant to be, this cake is absolutely oozing with that prime buttery goodness. Add your own toppings for a flavour boost.

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Please order 3 days in advance for regular orders or 7 days in advance for special orders. If you are in need of a rush job, please give us a call and we will try to accommodate.

All our bases are moist and firm, and will be able to hold up the weight of our ganaches and cream cheese. All cakes are measured in diameter. Heights are standard at 3 inches regardless of size. If you need to know how much frosting (per weight) to use per size of cake, please check our GUIDE page.

Our estimates on how many people a single cake will feed is based on standard single servings. Please take this into account if you are catering for heavier or lighter eaters.

Need a bigger cake? Want something of curious shape? No problem! Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we’ll be glad to work something out with you.

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