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A Personal Message


Naked Cakes has been acquired by a new baker/owner, Vicky Khoo since June 2018.
Vicky is an avid baker who is extremely passionate about making the best tasting cakes. Having started since the tender age of 14 (with her first mixer), she has garnered over 12 years of experience.
Vicky really enjoys and resonates with the journey it takes to decorate a cake instead of the end-product. This is the real purpose she is able to connect/visualise with the main vision for what Naked Cakes was first aiming for.
Vicky is also a financial advisor/accountant by training thus, her meticulous nature is an absolute asset in the baking science world.

The Beginning

I think this is a scene familiar to any family baker who runs a home business – you’d put in a full day setting up, buying ingredients, scouring the far ends of the country for those rare things you need, and actually making and selling your goods. The day doesn’t end even when you put down your spatula and take that last order: you owe it to your kids and partner to spend a few waning hours with them. And after the young ones are tucked in, it’s back to the kitchen to make sure everything’s washed and cleaned.

At the start, things were rough, but manageable. But businesses grow. Circumstances change. I found that the business was like a child itself; ever hungry and always demanding attention. It asked for my time, my effort, my strength. And it asked for a lot.

It’s said that in order to chase a passion, we have to make a lot of sacrifices. And so, I told myself that it would be worth it in the end. I was doing this for myself, after all. Myself and my family. I was helping. I was following my heart and dreams. I was giving myself a lot of reasons to ignore the problems that crept up from behind.

My health started to fail. As I was doing everything by myself, I would even work through weekends, through tired periods, and even from hospital when fatigue finally struck me down.

And then one day, my daughter of 14 months came to me. She saw me, like every other day, put on my work gear and go to the kitchen to start the day. She pulled at my apron, eyes full of tears, wordlessly struggling with the piece of cloth. She knew, more than I had, what that simple apron meant – that she would have lost time with her mother for one more day.

She begged me to stop.

So I did.

The Change

Stopping, however, didn’t mean I quit. It meant I changed direction. This whole ordeal made me realise that there was another way to do this. I would help not only myself but as many struggling families as I could because till this day, the sight of my crying daughter still affects me.

I realised that what was lacking from the local baking community was, well, community. Back when I was still grinding the job, the only person I could unload on was my poor darling husband, and all the bakers I knew were just contacts, not friends. This all just made me feel very alone.

Being able to help others, being able to ask for assistance for tough times, and being able to lighten the load were key areas that my experience taught me was necessary in this business. And that’s what I decided to focus on.

Today, Naked Cakes has grown into a thriving network of bakers, decorators, customers and clients. I now support other bakers by just doing what I can to help. I provide services from the biggest businesses down to the single individual. Inspired by the ideal that baking should be fun first and work second, I’ve started this company in order to make this dream come true.

And I very much hope that you will join us here in the Naked Cakes family, and that together, we can make baking about the fun again.

Accolades and Experience

Chef Jane Tan is a world-class baker who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney with a Diploma in Patisserie, was awarded the Hans Schings Award, and returned in 2014 to be a guest speaker at their October Graduation Ceremony.
She then gained experience working at Pattisons Patisserie (Australia) as a pastry chef before setting her sights further.
Chef Jane Tan has also worked with, and assisted, many big names in the world chef showcase; people like:

  • Matt Moran
  • Luke Nguyen
  • Adriano Zumbo
  • Chef Andre Sandison and Chef Justin (For the 2012 Asian Pastry Cup; winning team)

In addition to this, Chef Jane is proud to have been given the following opportunities and showcases:

  • Worked as a decorator for Faye Cahill, one of the top cake artists in Australia, and has had her cake featured at the Royal Easter Cake Show in Sydney
  • Won the SCS Competition
  • Assisted with the GD Group (Gurney Drive; Penang Culture; Penang St. Buffet; Mamak Culture) as a consultant
  • Lectured at SHATEC (Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre) as a chef instructor
  • Won first place in a Starhub Cake competition in association with Cake Boss


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The Philosophy of Naked Cakes can be summarized in three points: Quality, Community, and Confidentiality.


When Chef Jane Tan got her start with baking in Australia, she was impressed by the culinary standards of the country. Therefore, a core belief of the company is to provide cakes with the unparalleled taste of freshness and quality, in order to uphold the standards that Chef Jane learned to love and appreciate.


As we believe in the community as much as the business, we provide free, no-strings-attached consultancy on the topics of running a home bakery business and cake decoration. Anyone from the individual to the large business owner may contact us during business hours to ask any question they may like – even if it’s just to get a bit of general styling advice.

While we hope you will end up using our services, we do not place any obligation upon our customers, and you can rest easy knowing we will never pressure or force anyone to subscribe to our business.

Phone/Whatsapp: 8208-2278 (Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm)
E-mail: cakes@nakescakes.sg


Naked Cakes will never give out your personal, private information. We’re bakers too, and we understand the sensitivity of certain subjects. We assure you that we will never use your personal information for our own benefit without your acknowledgement and agreement.

We will also never require you to disclose your agreements/arrangements with us. While we love the shout-out once in a while, we will never demand it. In other words, if you don’t want to tell anyone that we’re helping out, you don’t have to.

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