Midnight Lux Chocolate whole Cake (Vegan, Gluten-free)

If anyone ever tells you that vegan-friendly food can’t ever taste like the ‘real deal’, then just buy them one of our very special, very unique dark chocolate MIDNIGHT LUX CAKES and tell them to stick it where their mouth is! (Which is the point, I guess.)

We’ve taken the simple, honest chocolate cake and completely revolutionized it.

This amazing concoction is 100% dairy and egg free, but 200% on flavour and fluffiness! We replace eggs with psyllium husk, throw in some delicious molasses (unrefined sugar), and instead of butter we use avocadoes as a prime ingredient to make a deliciously smooth, amazingly airy dark chocolate cake that is rich with a hint of bitterness. It’s much healthier, extremely light, and might we say, quite possibly more delicious than our chocolate standard.

And not to worry! There’s no lingering flavour of avocadoes whatsoever.

All you get is pure dark chocolate gluten-free goodness. Yeah, it’s gluten-free too, so it’s perfect for allergies, vegans, or people who just want a guiltless treat.

This 6-inch cake (750g approx.) will serve about 8 – 10 people or one hungry vegan bear.





Price.     $48.00



This product contains: Soy Milk, Coconut Milk

Our kitchen processes other products that contain nuts, wheat, dairy and eggs. Please be advised that trace amounts of these ingredients may be found in this product.


At Naked Cakes we believe in naked transparency. Although we use 100% dark chocolate in this recipe, the chocolate itself is not vegan-certified. The fact is, there is no animal product in dark chocolate at all, but if the lack of certification bothers you, please avoid ordering this product.

Here's the Naked Truth:
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