Edible printing

Put a picture on your cake with our EDIBLE PRINTING service. We can print anything you want onto tasty icing sheets using food-grade edible ink. Spruce up cakes and cupcakes with drawings, pictures, photos, or even that doodle you once did on the back of an old receipt (you know, if that’s what you really want).

Each purchase of this item will entitle you to one A4-sized print-out, or the equivalent there-of. This means that if you have a bunch of smaller images, you’ll only need to buy a single sheet as long as you can make it fit!

We will then send you the printed sheet for you to cut and use for your decorations.

In order to order this item, please add one item per A4 sheet to your cart and check out as normal. Then, simply send us your images arranged in a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file format to cakes@nakedcakes.sg .

If you require us to aid you with additional designing/resizing, we can do so for a small extra charge.


Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only.


Price.     $12.00


Please order 7-10 days in advance for regular orders or 14 days in advance for special orders. If you are in need of a rush job, please give us a call and we will try to accommodate.

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